Vacation definitely require a lot of money to stay, eat, buy souvenirs, etc. Then you are afraid that your money is lacking or fear that your money will run out?

Well, in the review I will provide tips for those of you who want to vacation but with a low budget, cheap and certainly can make you not afraid of running out of money anymore. Apart from that, these tips are definitely right for all of you who like traveling. Here comes a cheap vacation that must be tried.

1. Do some research.

Before you go on vacation, make sure your tourist destination first. Then search the internet about prices, facilities, distances, etc. Doing research is not only via the internet. But you can also ask people who are more experienced or people who have already visited the tour you are going to visit so that all preparations are fulfilled.

2. Holidays during low season.

Low season holidays are meant for holidays when the season is not on holiday. In order to get a cheap price. The reason you have to vacation during the low season is because usually during the holiday season the price of transportation tickets, restaurants and hotels will increase by 100%. So, if you go during low season, you will definitely get a low price or promo price.

3. Stay at a budget hotel.

Staying in a five-star hotel is indeed comfortable, but you have to prepare a lot of money just to stay overnight. If you want a cheap vacation, you should try staying at a budget hotel or a hotel that is not starred. Even though the quality is not as good as star hotels, at least you can rest your body on the bed.

4. Do not buy souvenirs in tourist spots.

The fourth holiday tip is not to buy souvenirs at tourist spots because usually prices in such places are definitely expensive. It’s best if you buy souvenirs in traditional markets that are guaranteed to be cheap and of the same quality as those at tourist spot shops.

5. Invite friends.

Vacation itself is fun but you should invite your friends so that your vacation will be cheaper and more enjoyable. Another reason is to save money, such as when buying food that can be shared. Or you can go on vacation with a promo price that can be shared by two.

6. Using the land route.

If you want a cheap and economical vacation, you should go using land transportation because of course the price is cheaper than taking a plane. Even though getting on a plane is faster but if you take a car, bus and train you can also see beautiful scenery during the trip.

7. Take public transportation.

The seventh cheap vacation tip is to take public transportation. Taking transportation when you want to go to tourist attractions is also very helpful, you know, because the price is cheap and of course you will also be safe. In addition, there are always public transportation in each city and will make it easier for you to move from one tourist spot to another.

8. Eat on the side of the road.

Eating good and healthy is not always in expensive restaurants but also in roadside carts. Because it is guaranteed that these foods can make your stomach lock at the same time the price is cheap, so your wallet will not run out immediately.

9. Visit promo tours.

The ninth tip is to visit promo tours with the intention of finding new and cheap tourist attractions. Because usually new tourist attractions must offer very cheap prices with good quality. Besides that, it can also add to the experience of new tourist attractions.

10. Find a place that provides free Wi-fi.

Usually you often upload photos about your vacation on Instagram and definitely need a lot of internet quota, right. Well, for those of you who like to upload, you should vacation in tourist attractions that have wifi so that your money doesn’t run out just to buy quotas.

Hopefully these tips are useful for those of you who are planning a traveing! if you want playing games when bored you can playing pengeluaran hk hari ini tercepat


Equipment For Traveling – Traveling is not only an activity that is often done to unwind, but now traveling has become a lifestyle for many people. Regardless of gender or age, everyone has the desire and need for traveling. If you are one of those who travel a lot, of course packing the items to be carried during the trip is a crucial moment. If you have minimal preparation, you can do important things during the trip. On the other hand, things that are not so important get carried away. So, for traveling to be safe, comfortable and memorable, make sure you bring the following important items before leaving!

Empty Drinking Bottle


You definitely need to drink lots of water when traveling to stay healthy. However, if you are traveling abroad, buying one bottle of mineral water is quite expensive. So you should bring an empty drinking bottle so you can refill it at tap water which can be found in various places. This method can be very helpful for saving expenses while on vacation to developed countries where the water quality is good.

Universal Adapter


The Universal Adapter is very necessary especially if you are on vacation abroad. Electricity has become a source of life for many people. Without electricity, you will be very inconvenient because you cannot charge the gadget’s battery. Therefore, always carry a universal adapter that will definitely be used. But don’t forget to find out in advance what kind of power adapter is in your destination country.



Protecting the skin is important for women or men. A holiday item that you shouldn’t miss is a sunblock that protects you from skin damage. Sunblock will provide maximum protection for the skin from ultraviolet rays. Sunblock is useful when your skin is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. The thing to remember when using sunblock is to wear it 30 minutes before exposure to direct sunlight and also not long after exposure to sunlight. This is intended for maximum protection of the skin. With sunblock, you can freely enjoy the sunshine without fear of damage to your skin.

Travel Vacuum Bag


Travel vacum bag can be your savior when traveling. With this, you can save space to store clothes in the backpack. Your belongings will also be neat and orderly, of course. Besides that, you also don’t have to worry about your clothes getting wet because this plastic bag is waterproof. It’s also easier to keep clean and dirty clothes separate.

Personal Medicine


Personal medicine is a top priority that you should take with you on vacation. Especially if you have certain diseases that require special medicine. Sometimes it can be difficult to find it in the country or destination. It’s better if you bring the medicine that you already have at home.

Journal Book


Along the way, you can always get inspiration from things you find. There will definitely be a story that you can write. So provide a journal or a small notebook that is always within reach, so you can write down ideas that come to you or interesting things whenever needed. This journal book will also be an important travel companion, so choose a notebook that is not easily damaged.



When waiting for a plane to be delayed, or on your way to a place that is quite far away, you must be bored if you just sit still. One of the entertainment that is easy to do is listening to music. But listening to music in public places will definitely not be optimal because there are many other sounds around you. Or the music you play will disturb other people sitting near you. Therefore, you need headphones when traveling.

Sanitary Wipes


While on vacation, you will come to new places where the toilets are not known for sure. Not all toilets in the streets are guaranteed clean and you won’t always find clean toilets when traveling. Therefore, you need sanitary wipes so you don’t catch diseases caused by unclean toilet bacteria.

Dry Shampoo


Hair is something that is important in terms of appearance, especially for women. You definitely want your hair to look good and limp when traveling so you can be confident when taking pictures in the places you go. But unfortunately when you travel, not every time you get the opportunity to shower, let alone wash your hair. Dry shampoo can be a great alternative for your hair. Buy dry shampoo in a small tin can so it doesn’t fill your suitcase.



The activity of uploading photos to social media has become something that cannot be separated from people’s life, as well as for travelers. One example is uploading photos to Instagram. To add to your beautiful moments and also make photos on Instagram more attractive, a camera is one of the vacation equipment that must be brought. Sometimes there are many beautiful moments that you cannot repeat twice. It is better if these moments can also be captured with the camera so that you can produce photos with better quality.

Spare shoes or sandals


Wherever you go on vacation, make sure you don’t forget to bring spare sandals or comfortable shoes. Imagine if you wanted to take a look around the city and had to walk long distances wearing stylish shoes that weren’t comfortable at all? You will only burden yourself and the walks will not be fun. In your mind, you just want to go back to the hotel or stop by the supermarket to buy new sandals or shoes. Well, instead of wasting money like this you better bring spare footwear from the start. Especially if the place you visit involves many outdoor places. Investing in good shoes is a wise choice.

That was brief information about traveling items that you should carry. For those of you who are going on vacation in the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam or Indonesia such as Jakarta, Semarang, Solo, Malang, Manado, Makassar, Palembang, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Pekanbaru, Cirebon, Lampung, Batam, Bogor, Bali, Yogyakarta and Surabaya. Walesflexipass hardir as a cheap lodging place with complete facilities.